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Senator Sammuel Sanes US Virgin Islands District of St. Croix "Commitment You Can See !"


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Senator Sammuel Sanes
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"Dear Senate President Russell:"

..."I am officially authorizing you to inform the public on whether I owe any money to the Legislature and/or I'm guilty of any illegal wrongdoing. As an elected representative, we are entrusted with the responsibility of utilizing public funds for the benefit of our people. I take great pride in ensuring that I use my allotted budget frugally to the point that I return approximately $109,000.00 to the Treasury of the Virgin Islands last year, 2011."

The Senator went on to state..."I have attended five conferences on the mainland, in which four of them were completely funded by the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators. Additional expenses incurred during the time of travel came out of my pocket. From the moment I assumed office in 2009, I've always purchased gasoline for my government vehicle and for the past year I have been utilizing my personal vehicle. Although this may not amount to a significant saving, it is my way of ensuring that I do my part in saving public funds."

..."Our community is under tremendous stress due to our financial situation and uncertain future. As leaders, we must assure our people that we are capable of leading through turbulent times. One way of doing this is to show the public that we are not above the law. I end with this quote, "The best example of leadership is leadership by example."

I hope that my request is granted and I thank you in advance."

cc: All Senators of the 29th Legislature of the Virgin Islands


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Well said and refreshing to see!

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I heard only a portion of an interesting discussion about the audit yesterday on the radio.  Unfortunately, I was unable to listen to hear a definite answer.

Basically what was said is that the Inspector General was the one who initiated the audit or that all information/names would go through that office and that the senate president does not have access to names.

Could you please clarify if the senate president does have a list of names linked to specific audits or would a request to the inspector general be needed? 

Thank you for any information to help clarify this topic for me. 

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Melissa Mitchell
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After some research conducted by our office we have come to the conclusion that Senator Russell does indeed have access to the names in the audit.  He also is the one who would be able to release those names.  It is not the responsibility of the Inspector General's office to release the names in the audit.  Senator Russell's office number is (340) 712-2321.

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Thank you very much!

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