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Senator Sammuel Sanes US Virgin Islands District of St. Croix "Commitment You Can See !"

  Solar Power   Now Is The Time!


- The average household usage is 500kw/month

- A 3.3 kw system would be needed to power an average home with solar

- A 3.3 kw system would cost around $17,000.  Systems are financeable and come with an average 25 yr warranty.

 - Financing is available through First Bank, Scotia Bank or In-House Financing with most providers.

- The savings earned by installing the system make an investor in solar more creditworthy.  Increasing disposable income comes with the savings from installing a solar system.

- There is currently a 30% federal tax credit which is set to expire in 2016.

- The USDA is currently offering grants to fund solar projects.

- The average return on investment for a solar system is 4-5 years.